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Real self-love and your own way

Some courage at the end of the weekend. And to start into a new week. By Janice Jakait. Ex-boy. Atlantiküberquererin. Summoner of one's own path and true self-love.

Here in a nutshell a few snippets from the Interview with Kerstin Chavent:

"Self-love," you write, "is not a hurray! in the mirror - Self-love is the embrace of the inner critic, troublemaker and scaredy-eyed. Self-love is when we finally let the past rest, when we stop trying to blame for our messed-up lives with our parents, partners or any other people. Self-love is when we no longer consult any gods, gurus, teachers, therapists, or other "substitute guardians." Self-love is the self-responsibility we take on when we finally take this whole bunch of crap into our own hands as we grow up and accept and bear all the consequences of the past of the entire fucking universe, and now look how we can make the most of it. Self-love is when we finally take responsibility for this being that we are - with all its shadows, burdens, weaknesses and doubts. And self-love is forbearance and forgiveness, where with all our good intentions we fail miserably and fail. And where we manage this with love for ourselves, we succeed in others as well. It's the way it is - self-love is when we finally make something out of it. Self-love is self-responsibility, self-confidence and self-development. "

"Black or white, wrong or right, loneliness or stage - everything needs a contrast in life for it to work. Each one-sidedness loses its tension. "

"This body, all of our 'wise' thoughts, but also our worries and fears, all this is meaningless in the end. So what should I think about, if I do everything right or wrong? The main thing is to make new experiences and grow. "


Steff Huber

Couple and sex therapist, life coach, non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and documentary filmmaker. More true freedom for all people is my goal, liberation the means, a life free from imaginary and self-imposed flaws my vision. No matter how unfree the circumstances may appear, because only with inner freedom can they be changed for the better.