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Be with yourself

"Go through the city. If someone is not rushed and aggressive, but smiles, think so, he took drugs. "

An impulse. Child and adolescent psychiatrist Michael Winterhoff has his own view on widespread problems with children and adolescents. He sees the main cause in a permanently stressed lifestyle of the parents, who then transfers to the children. And his advice as emergency aid: Walk 4-5 hours in the woods!

Not just for parents. For each. Without an iphone. Without jogging. Without dogs. Without a goal. Until you rise in your environment and are "with yourself" again, he says.

"A long forest walk over a period of four to five hours. Alone, do not jog, do not ride a bike, do not bring a dog, shut off the phone. If you get involved with it, you will experience the following: As soon as you are in the forest - enormous pressure. But after two to three hours something really brilliant happens: You are in a different condition again, you are yourself again. No more pressure, no more thoughts, you are relaxed and have feelings of happiness. For real problems you get a distance and possibly other solution steps. If you have experienced that, you will do something voluntarily to stay in that condition. Personally, I go to the forest every two weeks to stay clean. Otherwise, I would quickly be back in disaster mode. We need a counterbalance to the digital requirement. "

Something that I actually have not done for a long time and would like to try it out soon. Because:
"The difficulty is that the psyche can not judge itself. There are people who have depression but would never get the idea that they have depression because the condition they are in is normal for them. In addition, the psyche does not hurt. Therefore, we run the risk of developing depression due to the heavy burden that we expose ourselves to. "

Steff Huber

Couple and sex therapist, life coach, non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and documentary filmmaker. More true freedom for all people is my goal, liberation the means, a life free from imaginary and self-imposed flaws my vision. No matter how unfree the circumstances may appear, because only with inner freedom can they be changed for the better.