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The art of playing

Types of games and rules of the game

The lovemaking does not mean that in vain.

Sometimes we just want to try something new in a playful way.

In this workshop we give a gentle introduction to creativity in lovemaking. Away from black leather and lacquer, brutality, cliché and porn. Towards playing, trying. Research where your own limits are. What do I allow? Where do I say stop? How do I say stop without ending the entire lovemaking?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested, whether single or couples.

After a short theoretical introduction, we will guide you through various exercises.

When: Friday, February 14, 2020, 20 & #8211; 22 h, then open end
In which Liberation & Healing in Wiesbaden
30 – 60€

What does that mean?
We invite the participants to choose a contribution between 60 and 30 euros for the workshop based on their own financial situation.

Please make your decision based on the following criteria:
• How much money do I have per month?
• How much was / is this workshop worth to me?
• Please keep in mind that we live on it and take a lot of time to prepare our work
• Please note that we also pay the room rent.
• How would you like to be rewarded for your work?

If you have difficulties to classify yourself, please feel free to contact me.
Your place is a bank transfer Deposit of € 30, - reserved.
You decide the total amount for yourself at the end of the workshop (not in front of the group).
This is a social experiment.
Please be part of it.
Behave fairly.

For registration send an email to:
caprice at

Please write us the names of the registered people.
You will receive a confirmation of registration from us with our account number.

What awaits you

We have years of experience in leading groups. We love to inspire people!

Our workshops have a clear structure. However, we are always open to the wishes of the participants.
Based on our experience, a wide range of possible variations is always available.

A special focus in our work is that everyone feels comfortable and is integrated into the group.
The maximum number of participants is currently 12 people.

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