You are currently viewing Erich Fromm: „Die Normalen sind die Kranken“ (Video)

Erich Fromm: "The normals are the sick" (video)

One of the great wise men of the last century, a man-lover, an empath, and full of understanding and sympathy, whether for the "art of loving" or the distinction of "having or being." Here is a condensed inspiration for the start of the week Erich Fromm:

"The most normal are the sickest, and the sick are the healthiest ... the person who is sick shows that certain human things are not yet suppressed ... the symptom, like pain, is just an indication that something is wrong ... happy, who has a symptom! "

Steff Huber

Couple and sex therapist, life coach, non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and documentary filmmaker. More true freedom for all people is my goal, liberation the means, a life free from imaginary and self-imposed flaws my vision. No matter how unfree the circumstances may appear, because only with inner freedom can they be changed for the better.