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Reconquering life

So much sadness, anger and misery. So much deafness and inhumanity and never resolved despair that destroys us and our world, because we have forgotten the most important thing: to express our feelings and to always accept and utter them - even in others.

"Get Alive!" - a nice article by Birgit Assel on recapturing our feelings. Because without them we find neither peace nor love. And not the rest of the world with us.

"Many people carry suppressed rage around because they learned early that this feeling is unwanted, even endangering them as children. This repressed rage - yes, anger is a force we need in life - separates us from our feelings. We no longer know when we really need our anger as a force to protect ourselves or others, but it breaks when we feel threatened by the feelings of other people. But feelings are never threatening, it is the actions and actions of people that can be dangerous for us. "

"When my feelings are seen and taken seriously, I know when I feel anxiety, when I feel anger, when I feel love and when I feel sadness. Having grown up and been educated in an environment where fear and anger were unwanted feelings, I also have no access to my feelings of love and sadness. Sadness becomes fear and love rages. "

"People usually do not talk about their feelings, because they have not learned that, but they act blindly. When a boss yells at his employees, threatens them, anger and fear are often hidden behind them. When I get angry, I do not have to shout, but I can say what makes me angry. When I'm scared, I do not have to downplay other people, but can talk to them about my fear. When I write about fear here I mean existential fear. Existential fear is an inner distress, accompanied by feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. This fear is usually not a feeling that belongs to the present, but to our childhood.

Steff Huber

Couple and sex therapist, life coach, non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and documentary filmmaker. More true freedom for all people is my goal, liberation the means, a life free from imaginary and self-imposed flaws my vision. No matter how unfree the circumstances may appear, because only with inner freedom can they be changed for the better.