Do you feel the same? You would like to try new things in a safe environment? Exchange there with like-minded people and strengthen each other?

Then the workshops are ours DearART is exactly the right offer for you.

We offer at irregular intervals in our DearART workshops, but also lectures on topics of love as well as the discovery of one's own sexuality.

Here you will find all dates and events

Overview of current dates

February 14, 2020 20 & #8211; 22 h The Art of Playing & #8211; Types of game and rules of the game
February 29, 2020 5 - 7 p.m. Sensual games for curious beginners
20./21. March 2020 20 & #8211; 22 h + 11 & #8211; 19 h acts of love & #8211; Acts of Love
March 28, 2020 Beauty and Seduction

What awaits you

We have years of experience in leading groups. We love to inspire people!

Our workshops have a clear structure. However, we are always open to the wishes of the participants.
Based on our experience, a wide range of possible variations is always available.

A special focus in our work is that everyone feels comfortable and is integrated into the group.
The maximum number of participants is currently 12 people.