At some point in life, everyone gets to the point where the partnership is not going on as easy as before. No wonder: two completely different individuals with own wishes and desires have decided to follow a common path. This requires a constant calibration of common goals and values.
Some examples:

Communication in the relationship is becoming more and more difficult, there is more and more arguing or you have nothing left to say.
You do not feel understood anymore

The room is filled with hurt feelings or endangered trust (eg by an infidelity).

In this case, a Couple counseling or couple therapy may be the right way to go on. In our practice, we create a ressourceful atmosphere that helps you communicate with each other again with mutual appreciation. So we can work out solution strategies together with you.

Sometimes it may be clear: a separation is imminent.
Then save yourself some nerves and anger as well as cash and get a separation counselling from Liberation & Healing instead of handing it over to the lawyers.

A different thing is if there is a strong Longing for a relationship but relationships tries fail again and again.
Together with you, we reveal patterns, both in our own being and in the choice of partner.
And then we also coach you abour your personality structures. Because a happy, satisfied person will find a similar counterpart as well!

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