Love promises that two people who are a perfect match will find each other. But even the best relationships go through crises: disputes increase, communication becomes more difficult, hurt feelings put a strain on the partnership. Professional support can help bring the relationship back into balance. Systemic couple therapy offers an effective approach to dissolving dysfunctional interaction patterns between partners and finding new, constructive ways of working together.

What is the systemic perspective?

In contrast to purely individual-centred therapy, systemic therapy also considers the network of relationships in which problems arise. Cybernetics provides important conceptual models for this: all elements in a system interact, every change in one element influences the overall system. Applied to couple relationships, this means that it is not just one partner who is responsible for problems, but rather the dysfunctional interaction patterns between the two. These need to be recognized and changed step by step.

Hand halten sich mit Zeigefingern - Liebe hält sanft - Finger verschränken reicht schon als sicherer Bindungsanker

How does systemic couples therapy work?

In contrast to individual therapy, both partners take part in the sessions together. The focus is on communication and interaction between the partners. The therapist observes, analyzes and reflects which behavioral patterns and roles have become established - but also which positive resources are in the relationship.

Central elements of systemic couple therapy are:

  • Stimulate a change of perspective to better understand the other's point of view
  • Working out patterns like blaming, justifying, withdrawing
  • Developing new constructive behaviors
  • Strengthening of empathy, appreciation and mindfulness

Systemic couple therapy is used, for example, for communication problems, crises of trust, conflicts about the division of labor or uncertainties regarding the future together. It can help partnerships find each other again and emerge stronger from the crisis. Couples therapy can also be useful as preventive support in challenging phases of life.

Systemic approaches in couple therapy have a high success rate. A lasting improvement in the partnership is often achieved with just a few appointments. The interval between therapy sessions can also be extended quickly. In this way, systemic couple therapy can help to revitalize the relationship and to overcome crises together. 

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