We, Uscha Ennulat and Steff Huber from Wiesbaden Liberation & Healing couples counseling and sex therapy have made it our mission to free your best self and heal from insecurity and hurt.

Your team from Liberation & Healing, Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy Wiesbaden

We offer support and help in the following areas

Partnership: couples therapy/couples counseling in Wiesbaden

  • Communication in the relationship is becoming increasingly difficult
  • It arises more often dispute from vain cause
  • They are silent to each other and have nothing (more) to say
  • You do not feel understood anymore
  • Injured feelings or shaken trust eg by an infidelity burden your relationship
  • A separation is imminent and You want a mediation for a mutual separation
  • ... or you want one last chance
  • Different ideas for the future drive them away from each other
  • Your relationship request is rejected

For this we have more in our area Partnership and couples therapy/counselling put together for you.

Sexuality: Sexual counseling/sexual therapy in Wiesbaden

  • You do not dare to live out your sexual desires or to reveal them to your partner
  • As soon as you want to talk about sexuality with your partner, there is a dispute
  • They feel sexual pressure to perform: they feel they need to bring "performance," but "the best piece" is not
  • Your head sparks in between you and it is difficult for you to stay in the moment of sex
  • Because you have little sexual experience, you feel insecure
  • It is difficult for you to feel excitement with a partner

You can do more in our area Sexuality and sex therapy/sexual counseling experience.

Love school: Workshops and events in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt

We offer exciting workshops for individuals - and couples. It is about love and heart issues, as well as the discovery and development of their own sexuality. That's why we look at these Workshops and events As a love school for adults and want to offer you a wide range of offers.

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