Caprice Ennulate

Caprice Brigitte Ennulat - Porträt
Caprice Brigitte Ennulat

In 2003 I gave up my job as managing director of an event and PR agency. It no longer felt right and coherent to me.
In 2004 I founded the festival together with my project partner Felix Ruckert & #8222; xplore & #8211; the Festival on the Art of Lust & #8220; in Berlin and later also in Rome. In addition to leading the overall festival, I taught numerous workshops on the subject of sensuality, perception, touch. At about the same time I founded my own yoga studio. And here too, my goal has always been to reach people in depth, to touch them and to be there for you.

As the overall person responsible for the xplore project, I am always the contact person for the large and small needs of the participants. And I quickly learned that in this seemingly limitless kinky world, you can quickly feel lost with your fears and feelings.

The desire to help people not only intuitively but on a professional basis grew more and more.
For this reason, I decided to train in Systemic couple and sex therapy.

I have been working as a systemic couple and sex consultant since 2019.

In order to get even more scientific underpinning, I decided to study psychology in 2018.


• Marketing and communication specialist
• Studied human medicine
• Yoga teacher (600h)
with prevention courses recognized by health insurance companies
• Pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht
• Systemic couple and sex therapy
• Training in trauma work, focusing and non-violent communication

Steff Huber

Alternative practitioner & #8211; Psychotherapy area

Steff Huber - Porträt
Steff Huber


  • Sociology, MA
  • co-active coaching core curriculum
  • Multimodal short-term psychotherapy
  • Alternative practitioner & #8211; Psychotherapy area
  • Systemic couple and sex therapy
  • Training in the areas of trauma therapy, heart work, improvisation theater, focusing and non-violent communication

In 2012, at the age of 41, I decided to make a radical, complete change in my professional life and ended my work in software development. In the previous years, part-time training as a co-active life coach had greatly enriched my private and professional life. However, she also showed me that I was in the wrong place to live a meaningful and fulfilling life for me.

Since then I have worked as an artist and coach and have found that coaching is a valuable tool to support people. However, I also realized that many people cannot be reached by it. This is often because the reasons for their dissatisfaction and overwhelming lie deeper and often further back in traumatic experiences. You need a personal transformation that coaching can often bring about, but cannot do for you.

I therefore decided to expand my professional spectrum, completed a psychotherapy training with Prof. Myriam Bechtoldt, Bernhard Tille and Peter Winzen and continued my education as a naturopath for psychotherapy. Knowing that the essential areas of life, partnership and sexuality, provide the most valuable basis for healing experiences, and that clients here often have the greatest need, I completed an apprenticeship as a systemic couple and sex therapist together with my partner Caprice Ennulat. And in 2019 we created our LIBERATION & HEALING practice as a place of help, healing and support.