Our sexual desires and inclinations are often the most intimate in our lives. Often we do not dare to tell our partner about our dreams and desires, out of fear the other person may be hurt, as well as Fear of rejection.

This may go as far as not being able to speak about our most intimate secret wishes - even to ourselves, just out of the shamesociety or our family of origin left us with.

Sometimes the lust in the head is big, but the body is on strike. For example: an erection does not last; Vaginal spasms; Lust disappears quickly; everything gets too much.

We help you to discover, name and develop your personal sexuality so that you feel comfortable with it - for yourself and possibly also for your partners.

Possible topics for a sex therapy can be:

Love = 1 + 1 + ....

"I also want to have other sexual partners besides my relationship." "I would like to have other relationships," or the relationships already exist, but are kept secret, causing great suffering.

 "The pressure of achievement that I make in my mind kills my lust"
... and suddenly the "best piece" does not want to work as it should.

"I am with a man, but I long for a wife"

The desire to try new, possibly unusual sexual practices (Shackles, SM practices ...)
Often the desire to explore such practices is already associated with guilt. "What will my partner think?" "What if the colleagues hear it?" Very quickly you are exposed to a shamed laugh and get infected by it.

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