You are currently viewing Wie kann man lernen Rückschläge und Niederlagen besser wegzustecken?

How can one learn to better withstand setbacks and defeats?

  1. awareness: Setbacks and defeats happen only on the basis of actions, "there is nothing good unless you do it", every failure, as I like to call it, is the best sign that you have tried after all. Seen in this light, failure and success simply go together, and that can not be done without the "lust for failure," as my imprest theater teacher Jörg Schur has always called it, YES!
  2. In questioningIs this really a setback or a defeat? Who can really say that in every moment of his life? We simply do not know the consequences of our actions! Only a tiny part of it. How good comes about in life is only revealed in retrospect - everything is speculation before that.
  3. Learn: "Man" can not learn to "put away" this stupid feeling. It will always be there because something did not work out that you wanted ... and you can really learn that: forbearing to be with, and patientlybecause sometimes life and time may seem too short and too short, but in the end they are always long enough for what matters to us. If we can not yet use our lives as "well" as we believe, then that is just as 🙂

    So get up again and crown, but always at your own pace 😉

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Steff Huber

Couple and sex therapist, life coach, non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and documentary filmmaker. More true freedom for all people is my goal, liberation the means, a life free from imaginary and self-imposed flaws my vision. No matter how unfree the circumstances may appear, because only with inner freedom can they be changed for the better.